📅 October 19, 2021

Staying Organized with Trello

I like to keep my thoughts and to-dos organized and out of my head. In GTD, unfinished commitments are considered "open loops". Too many open loops in my head makes me uncomfortable and stressed. A solution to this which I have been using for the past several years is Trello.

Trello uses the Kanban method of organizing and processing work. Kanban focuses on making work visible, limiting work in progress (WIP), focusing on flow, and continuous improvement. I don't have a set WIP number, but I tend not to have more than a few things active at the same time. Tasks on my boards will get moved or updated during the day or week as needed.

I have three boards that I use daily: Personal, Work, and Considerations. My Personal and Work boards are set up with the following lists: Backlog, Monthly Projects, Current Week Tasks, Pending, and Done.

The Considerations board is set up with the following lists: Things to keep in mind, Quotes, Habits, Consumption, Articles to Revisit, and Project Ideas.

I add tasks to my boards as soon as possible. There are three main ways I do this.

  1. Open a board in my browser and add it to the correct list.
  2. Use the Trello Add Card widget which I have set on my Android home screen.
  3. Use the Create new Trello cards by voice, using Google Assistant IFTTT applet. I have the applet configured so that I can say "Hey Google. Add [thing I want to add]". Doing this will add the card with a title set to what I spoke after "Add" to the Backlog list on my Personal board.

On Sunday, during my weekly review, I make changes and archive cards as needed.

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