📅 April 22, 2022


A userscript is a program that can run on web pages to enable additional features, adjust the layout, or perform various actions. You can use a userscript manager to automatically update and keep your userscripts organized. I use Violentmonkey which is open source and can be installed on most modern browsers.

I use several userscripts for various things. The scripts below are some of my favorite.

Add site: buttons to Google for filtering

You can add a site: search operator to your Google queries. This enables you to request search results from a particular domain. There are a few sites I like to do this with, and there are userscripts for including buttons on search results to make this easier.

google site buttons

More Awesome Azure DevOps | Install

I use Azure DevOps for work, and this userscript adds some nice improvements to my workflow. Check out the added features here.

Old Reddit Dark Mode | Install

This userscript enables dark mode for Reddit if you use the old layout.

old reddit dark mode

Select text inside a link like Opera | Install

There are many times when I want to use my cursor to select/copy a word or words from a link on a page. By default, Chrome does not allow you to do this. If you try to click and highlight words in the middle of a link, Chrome drags it.

select text link default

With the userscript, you can do this...

select text link userscript

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